AnPro Brand

AnPro is a brand of high-tech architectural plastic building materials of An Phat Holdings which pioneers in producing high-tech interior finishing products, meeting international standards for users’ health and environmental friendliness, including SPC flooring, PVC Wall Panels, 3D Wall Panel, ceilings, and decorative molding.

AnPro brand specializes in high-tech architectural plastic (building materials) products, which are researched and developed to replace traditional interior materials such as stone, wood, wallpaper, gypsum, etc. AnPro’s products are manufactured on modern machinery and apply the highest-standard extrusion technology in the world.

AnPro has met the most stringent international standards including FloorScore, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) certification. To achieve this standard, AnPro had to go through the rigorous product and facility production control process, on-site audits, and product emission testing. Especially, FloorScore standards are applicable in the US market.

According to European standards, AnPro has also passed CE Marking certification for fire resistance, slip resistance, Formaldehyde emission, and insulation.

By now, AnPro has conquered developed markets such as the United States, Canada, Australia, France, the UK, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and African countries and is popular in the domestic market.

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