For public spaces with a large frequency of use such as hospitals or schools, maintaining the quality of the building as well as keeping the interior clean and durable, without problems during operation is always an issue investors and contractors are particularly interested in.

Common problems during use the project?

  • The wall surface is easy to mold, peel, crack … after a short time due to the use of lime, poor quality paint.
  • Affects the aesthetics of the space, causing a bad image in the customer experience
    Wall debris is one of the causes of allergies, affecting the respiratory tract of children and the elderly
  • Causing difficulties in the process of upgrading and repairing the space (cost of scraping old walls, noise, and dust during construction …)
  • Removing dirt, cleaning stains on paint, paper is not easy
  • Investors need to consider carefully when choosing interior materials to aim for sustainability – certainty – safety for the project.
AnPro Sửa nhà cực nhanh1 533x400 - Architectural solutions for hospitals, schools

Walls, ceilings of public works when appearing: walls are peeling, sweaty, damp

What is the solution for the public spaces of the Hospital – School?

“Sustainable – Sure – Safe” are 03 essential elements in a public space. Therefore, many domestic and foreign projects have decided to choose high-tech interior products to apply to the project.

1. Sustainability – Sure over time

In the past, the image of the walls in hospitals and schools being damp, peeling, or falling in large patches and the appearance of bacteria and fungi always made the construction management headache look for ways to handle and also spend a large amount of money. But now, with hi-tech architectural plastic products, that “ugly” image will no longer exist.

With many layer structure that is abrasion resistant, damp-proof, impact resistance as well as product deformation, AnPro wall panels, and AnPro floor are perfectly suitable for installation in public buildings.

PVC Wall Panels 01 600x360 - Architectural solutions for hospitals, schools
The structure of AnPro wall paneling makes the product highly durable
Anh 2 600x400 - Architectural solutions for hospitals, schools
The walls in the public works for sure – permanent use AnPro interior panels

2. User health comes first

With ingredients that do not contain formaldehyde or benzene, AnPro interior paneling is very safe, not causing any negative effects on the health of users, especially children. Products are certified international SGS, CE, Floorscore on safety and quality.

AnPro interior panels are manufactured with a high-tech compound material with a UV layer making the product antibacterial, water-proof, damp-proof, and abrasion-resistant.

With many layers of structure, outstanding flame resistance, AnPro interior paneling offers peace of mind throughout use.

2 CE anpro - Architectural solutions for hospitals, schools
AnPro products meet international standards: CE, Floorscore, SGS … help keep your health safe and friendly with the environment.

3. No pollution during construction – Shorten the time to put the project into the use

The renovation and upgrading of degraded works are done quite frequently during the operation of hospitals and schools. During the renovation, noise pollution and air pollution are unavoidable and significantly affect users.

To avoid the above situation, the choice of installing AnPro interior paneling or AnPro floor will reduce all pollution as well as shorten and save time compared to the construction of interior materials such as wood, wallpaper, paint …

Not only that, but AnPro’s highly detailed interior products are also researched, designed, and manufactured by the environment and climate in Vietnam.

Ảnh 3. Những công trình công cộng cần an toàn tiết kiệm thời gian cũng như phi công thì sản phẩm Sàn và Ốp của AnPro là 1 sự lựa chọn ưu tiên số 1 533x400 - Architectural solutions for hospitals, schools

For public buildings that need to save time as well as installation, using AnPro’s flooring, and wall panels products are the best choice.


Some hospital buildings are clean and airy when using wall panels, flooring from AnPro

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