Having problems in your family’s living space?

  • Walls, ceilings are damp
  • The paint has started to sweat for a long time or the wallpaper is peeling off in large and small patches
  • Wood floor is warped, shrunk, and even termites

All of these things are affecting your family’s life significantly. Is everything starting to turn into a real nightmare?

  • Seriously affecting the health of family members (especially children and pregnant women).
  • Losing the aesthetic of living space
    And it will be really costly to keep patching and applying similar products to those “flaws”!
Nha bi am moc 1 518x400 - Architectural solutions for houses
Copy of IMG 0578 600x400 - Architectural solutions for houses

What solution for your living space?

AnPro wall panel and AnPro Floor are considered to be a line of wall boarding and flooring products that are familiar to families in European and North American countries.

In Vietnam, AnPro wall panel and AnPro Flooring products are creating new interior trends, favored for their easy installation and long-lasting features.

Advantages of AnPro wall panel – AnPro Floor

1. Diverse designs, high aesthetics, diverse applicability

Fully meet the aesthetic requirements for all homeowners: high-end wall panels or floors with diverse textures such as wood, stone, paper, making it easy for homeowners to choose to match with their living space.


Ảnh 1.Không gian phòng khách hiện đại tinh tế với Sàn SPC hèm khóa AnPro vân gỗ kết hợp tấm ốp nội thất AnPro vân gỗ giấy 600x400 - Architectural solutions for houses
Modern and delicate living room space with AnPro wood-texture floor in combination with AnPro wall panel wood and paper texture.
Ảnh 2.Sự ấm áp nhẹ nhàng từ Sàn SPC hèm khóa vân gỗ AnPro kết hợp tấm Ốp nội thất AnPro vân gỗ 1 600x400 - Architectural solutions for houses
The warmth and gentleness from AnPro wood texture floor combined with AnPro wall panel with wood grain
scandinavian 1 533x400 - Architectural solutions for houses
Minimalism style – minimalistic, neat
phong cach thiet ke noi that co dien 600x394 - Architectural solutions for houses
Noble with classic style
phòng khách với phong cách mộc Rustic1 600x336 - Architectural solutions for houses
Friendly of the rustic style
thiet ke noi chung cu phong cach hitech 4 567x400 - Architectural solutions for houses
Hitech style for the tech-passionate gentleman

2. Solid and durable

With modern extrusion technology, AnPro’s products are durable up to 15-20 years of lifetime. In particular, the main ingredient from high-class plastic and superfine stone powder will help AnPro’s products not peel and sweat as used.

PVC Wall Panels 01 600x360 - Architectural solutions for houses
Structure of AnPro high-tech wall panels

As for AnPro Floor, using 5-layer structure, the product prevents warping, shrinking, and expansion – a common condition in wood materials.

3. Interior products for health protection-friendly with the environment

Unlike previous product lines, AnPro advanced production technology produced a line of products that were safe to protect to users’ health.

The product does not contain formaldehyde or benzene that causes health effects.

AnPro has met international certifications: CE, FloorScore, SGS. This is the number one choice for every family: old people, young children, pregnant women.

2 CE anpro - Architectural solutions for houses
They say no to moisture, termites, prevent the fire from spreading, or minimize the ignition. The product provides a complete replacement for wood products if the homeowner wants to go in Classic or Rustic style.

4. Fast and easy installation, saving costs

Beautiful does not mean difficulties in installation, maintenance or use.

HBU9749 600x400 - Architectural solutions for houses

  • AnPro is available in a variety of sizes to choose from (10 * 600 * 2800 or 8 * 400 * 2800)
  • Lightweight materials are designed for life in the 4.0 era
  • Can be applied on a rough surface, wood/iron frame, or plastering without adding a finishing step.
  • The installation is really simple and fast, with no pollution or labor save costs.
  • Helping the head of the household save up to 35% on costs.
1 600x400 - Architectural solutions for houses
Especially, AnPro’s products are designed and manufactured in Vietnam that is suitable for the hot and humid climate as well as the living environment in our country.
This product is perfectly suitable for housing spaces, condominiums, adjacent villas, ect.

5.  Some beautiful, safe, durable housing space projects with AnPro’s products

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