The working space at the office is considered to be one of the important factors which have a direct relationship to the morale and performance of employees.

Besides, the office is also the “face” of the enterprise, so the design and layout of the space here are always interested by the business owner, especially after a long time when the office comes into operation.

Having problems arise at workspaces?

  • Paint peeling due to dry air
  • The walls of mold after a humid season
  • The wooden floor blisters, shrinks, even termites because it is soaked in water
  • Simple, boring space, without accents

Not only affects the general landscape at the office, but the degradation of the space also creates a negative impact on work productivity and employee health.

Trình trạng thường bắt gặp ở các văn phòng làm việc tường bị bong tróc đổ mồ hôi ẩm  533x400 - Architectural solutions for offices
Giải pháp đến từ các sản phẩm Ốp Sàn của AnPro dành cho không gian văn phòng làm việc - Architectural solutions for offices

What is the solution for office space?

Currently, companies and businesses around the world are favoring new architectural trends, choosing high-tech architectural materials that possess superior features and cost savings compared to traditional materials. One of them is the high-end architectural plastic products AnPro, trusted by Vinhomes, White Palace.

1. Sturdy – Sustainable

AnPro Wall Panels and AnPro Floor are manufactured from high-class plastic and superfine stone powder, so they have superior durability compared to products made from PVC on the market. Besides, the many layers structure is resistant to moisture and water-proof, helping to increase product life by 15 – 20 years.


PVC Wall Panels 01 600x360 - Architectural solutions for offices
Structure of AnPro high-tech wall panels


Ảnh 1. Không gian đón khách sang trọng – kiên cố khi sử dụng 100 Sàn SPC hèm khóa AnPro và tấm Ốp cao cấp AnPro vân gỗ 3 600x400 - Architectural solutions for offices
Luxurious welcome sapce using 100% AnPro Floor and AnPro high-end wood grain wall panels

2. High aesthetics – Application in all spaces of the office

With a variety of patterns from wood grain, stone, paper grain with natural colors, customers can easily choose from different patterns and combine them in spaces in the office.

For example:

  • Employees’ offices can use wall panels type of paper grain, a combination of vibrant colors (stimulating creativity), and neutral tones (soften eyes, relaxed), bringing balance throughout the 8 hours of work.
  • The meeting room is suitable with a wood grain pattern, creating a sense of politeness, luxury but still close and natural
Ảnh 2. Sàn SPC hèm khóa AnPro kết hợp tấm Ốp nội thất AnPro sử dụng trong nhiều không gian lớn nhỏ khác nhau của White Palace 2 600x400 - Architectural solutions for offices
AnPro Floor and AnPro interior wall panels are used in many different large and small spaces of White Palace

3. Safe for users

Thanks to the friendly composition, absolutely no formaldehyde, and benzene, the product is completely safe for human health, without causing any negative effects.

Products have been granted prestigious international certificates such as CE.

2 CE anpro - Architectural solutions for offices
AnPro products meet international standards: CE, Floorscore, etc. keeping your health safe and friendly with the environment.

Besides, with a solid layered structure, the product has very high durability, scratch resistance, anti-slip, outstanding mold resistance, so mold on the wall after the rains or humid season will not there’s more.

All of the above outstanding features will bring a bright, airy, and creative workspace while increasing working efficiency and ensuring the health of employees at the office.

4. Fast Installation – Cost saving

Whether newly built or renovated, companies and businesses will reduce costs such as transportation, construction, and installation when using AnPro high-end architectural plastic products.

And the most important thing is to save a considerable amount of construction time. Moreover, during the construction and assembly process, there will be no noise, ensuring quietness in the working space at the office.

Ảnh 3. Với sản phẩm Sàn và Ốp đến từ AnPro chi phí sẽ giảm thiểu thời gian thi công được rút ngắn 3 533x400 - Architectural solutions for offices
With floor and wall panel products from AnPro, the costs will be minimized and the construction time is shortened