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A Safe SPC Flooring for Kids

They may have small figures but with big energy. Apart from all those playing, snacking, and spilling, kids will always find a way to put the flooring through every test. Back-to-school season has already begun, have you found the perfect flooring that loves your kids and your kids will love?

AnPro’s stylish and multi-functional SPC flooring helps you to create a safe, healthy and inspirational environment where kids can freely splash their creativity. We make the floor the perfect choice for schools and any other educational setting

AnPro SPC Flooring is suitable for educational places.
AnPro SPC Flooring is suitable for educational places.

A Safe Haven

We make the floor for freely breathing and healthy living. Our SPC flooring is formaldehyde-free certified by FloorScore. 100% high-class material, no harmful adhesives and recycled materials included in our production process. Lead-free and Cadmium-free, you can install our products with trust and confidence taking kids into consideration.

Kids can play comfortably on AnPro SPC Flooring
Kids can play comfortably on AnPro SPC Flooring

A Hygienic Playground

A cleaner floor is the No.1 need of today’s customer demands, no matter for residential or commercial applications. AnPro SPC flooring infuses antibacterial techniques into coating, rigid core and underlay to establish an all-round hygienic system paired with the easy maintenance attribute. It doesn’t harbour any dirt or dust and it attributes to prevent microbes from and growth and reproduction which is also helpful to create an anti-allergen environment. AnPro SPC flooring is designed for the well-being of everyone.

Made for Any Circumstance

Billed for its exceptional durability and longevity, AnPro SPC flooring can stand up to any wear and tear, scratches, spills and stains. You no longer need to be panic, knowing that it can cope with any severe damages and last for years.

If you have got constantly requests about healthy flooring, especially friendly to kids, from your customers, look no further.

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