The SPC Flooring industry & AnPro SPC Flooring Features

SPC Flooring is a modern & advanced flooring nowadays, with a history inventions from Germany and is growing fast, becoming a worldwide trend. It is a disruptive innovation in the flooring industry which has synchronized best-selling colors in Europe and the United States and beautiful visual effects.

In An Phat Holdings, with a strength of 20 years in the field of plastic industry, owns a large capacity CaCO3 factory, abundant financial resources and with 40ha large Hi-tech Industrial Park with modern facilities. An Phat Holdings has cooperated with Unilin and BASF Germany in term of technology, hence, in 2017, AnPro SPC Flooring & Wall panels was projected to exploit the strength of the group and meet the rapidly increasing demand of the domestic market in Vietnam and countries worldwide.

Unilin Click
Unilin Click

AnPro SPC has a multi-layer structure

Core layer: It is composed of CaCO3 powder and virgin plastic powder.
Adhesive film: Increasing adhesion of film and core layer, withstand temperatures from -10°C to – 45°C.
Decorative film
Modern design based on the most popular trend in the market today. Film thickness is 0.5 mic.
Wear layer: Anti-impact and it is not easily deformed. Service life is more than 20 years. It is used widely in residential or shopping malls, especially the place people crowded
UV coating
Increasing clarity of veins, anti -scratch.

spc structure
SPC Structure

AnPro SPC Stone Plastic Composite Specifications

Thickness/ Wear layer

4mm/0.3mm; 5mm/0.3mm

Floor sizes

181*1219mm, 300*600mm, 300*900mm ( can customized thicknesses & sizes )

Main materials

Lime powder ( for rigid core layer) transperent PVC, UV coated

Surface texture

PVC, PP lamilation – Feel like real wood & stone

Installation method

Click-lock system from Unilin


Commercial & residential ( offfice, stores, museums, hotels, departments, etc.)


R10 ( DIN51130)

Abrasion resistance

T1 ( ISO10582)

Fire retardant

B1 ( second to stone only)

Technology – Origin

Advanced technology solutions from Germany.
Use and study Korean-style aesthetic elements.

Some Types of AnPro click-lock SPC flooring

Wooden vein Plastic Floor/ Wooden Imitation SPC Flooring

Color quality is the same as natural wooden floor. Wooden veins help consumers easily choose due to the diversity of usage inhouse (living room, bedroom or children’s room) or office, school …

2 1 596x400 - SPC flooring

Stone imitation plastic floor

Stone imitation SPC floor brings a luxurious and noble style, however the colors are usually quite cold, suitable for important and high-class event space such as meeting rooms, conference rooms or large halls …

3 1 565x400 - SPC flooring

AnPro SPC flooring – Carpet imitation

Carpet imitation is more suitable for family space such as living room or bedroom.