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Sàn AnPro vân thảm SA08

san nhua van tham SA08 300x183 - Sàn AnPro vân thảm SA08


It is composed of 5 layers:
– Anti-fade UV coating: Increase clarity of grainsgrains, scratch resistance, staining resistance.
– Wear resistant layer: Abrasion Resistance and helps improve product durability.
– Printed décor Layer: Modern design based on the most popular trend in the market today. Film thickness is 0.5 mic
– Rigid SPC Core: It is composed of superfine stone powder and high-class plastic.
– Underlayment (Options): Made from IXPE or EVA foam or cork … help absorb noise, sound insulation and feel smooth when stepping on the floor


AnPro floor

Width (mm)

Length (mm)

Thickness (mm)

Coating (mm)

AnPro Floor – Eva cushion 1.5mm thick





AnPro Floor – No cushioning






AnPro’s products are manufactured on modern machinery and apply the highest-standard extrusion technology of the world.
Factory at An Phat Complex Industrial Park, Viet Hoa Ward, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong Province.

san nhua van tham SA08 - Sàn AnPro vân thảm SA08


Outstanding advantages of AnPro Floor products
1. Diverse designs, high aesthetics can meet diverse interior design styles
2. Waterproof, fire resistance, prevent insects, termites
3. Protect users’ health, Free from formaldehyde and harmful chemicals, friendly with the environment;
4. Sound insulation, good heat insulation, easy to clean
5. Easy to construct, disassemble, save construction cost
6. Reasonable price, high durability

Application of AnPro floor

AnPro click-lock floor product can replace all traditional interior materials such as stone, ceramic tiles. AnPro architectural plastic products give absolute quality, excellent aesthetics, satisfy the criteria of being friendly with the environment and ensure the health of consumers.
AnPro provides architectural plastic solutions with high applicability for all projects from apartments, villas to hotels, resorts, office buildings, schools, hospitals, offices, centers entertainment…

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High durability

When using natural wood flooring, you often have to worry that termites will damage your floor. However, with 5 solid layers in the structure of the SPC Floor, you absolutely do not have to worry about this issue.
In addition, the SPC floor is also resistant to moisture, protecting the floor from adverse environmental impacts. Especially the humid weather in North Vietnam. Moreover, while many other types of flooring only a few years you will have to replace, the life of the SPC floor can be up to 15 – 20 years or more depending on the usage of each person.

MG 3000 300x200 - Sàn AnPro vân thảm SA08Aesthetics

One of the reasons you should choose a wooden imitation plastic floor is its high aesthetics. Most of the SPC flooring products on the market today have beautiful designs, natural wood grain patterns that are suitable to the tastes of many customers.
With SPC floors, if you accidentally scratch the floor, the scratch is also very difficult to detect, every day you clean hard, the floor always maintains its new durability and smoothness.

Reasonable price

Reasonable price is the biggest advantage of plastic flooring. Especially for middle-income families, you do not need to spend too much money to own luxurious, cozy bedroom space. The price of plastic flooring is usually much lower than the floor material from stone and wood.

van san 300x200 - Sàn AnPro vân thảm SA08

Easy installation

With the feature of lightweight, the installation of AnPro’s SPC floor is always simpler and easier than other materials. All steps of installation and moving of new projects are always fast and extremely convenient.

Safe for users

AnPro’s SPC floor also has slip resistance very suitable for families with young children and the elderly. You can let your kids play freely on the floor without worry.
In addition, AnPro’s SPC floor is easy to clean, ensuring cleanliness for the floor and the health of all members against germs that often hide on the floor of other poor quality materials.

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SGS Test report 354x400 - Sàn AnPro vân thảm SA08Cer14001 2015 1 272x400 - Sàn AnPro vân thảm SA08

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