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6 facts that change consumers’ mindset about architectural plastic materials

With the ability to finish on the raw surface, and install time 3 times faster than ceramic tiles, stone, or wood, architectural plastic materials are becoming a new solution for architects to replace objects whether traditional or industrial wood.

Consumers always have the inherent thought that plastic is not beautiful, durable, or not as good as traditional materials such as ceramic tiles, stone, and natural wood.

There is no denying that the former plastic materials often had a short service life. Especially, with hot and humid weather conditions in Vietnam, plastic products are easy to fade and deteriorate over time, easily deformed or moldy.

According to experts in the construction field, the main reason is that Vietnamese enterprises are still weak in outdated machinery technology, mainly using human power to produce, leading to a shortage of materials for new construction.

However, up to now, Vietnam’s construction material industry, including plastic materials, has fully met domestic demand and exported with advanced and modern technology, not inferior to other countries in the world.

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Transferred with advanced modern technology, AnPro architectural plastic products of An Phat Holdings not only meet the criteria of ideal architectural materials but also meet the needs of all different customer classes. Advanced extrusion technology for the product is a hollow panel, providing maximum sound and heat insulation.

With a variety of patterns from a stone, wood grain, or 3D Painting, AnPro architectural plastic panel has changed the view of aesthetics as well as the applicability of architectural plastic materials for a long time. At the same time, meeting the shortage of demand for new material, besides ceramic tile and old industrial wood.

AnPro architectural plastic is favored by architects and consumers for its usefulness and outstanding advantages:

High durability: AnPro plastic panel can accompany users up to 20 years, while normal plastic materials have durability of about 2-3 years, wallpaper life expectancy is 3-5 years on average.

Waterproof: With layers structure with high-tech compound material, it is water-resistant, anti-termite, suitable for areas with high humidity such as toilets, kitchens.

Sound insulation, heat insulation, and impact resistance: With AnPro wall panels, An Phat Holdings has applied advanced extrusion technology of the top world to create a double-layer hollow cell structure, for sound insulation and impact resistance.

Ease installation: AnPro products have lightweight, so it’s easy to install right on a rough surface without plaster. This is an advantage that consumers love like, and appreciate. Especially, the product can be reused for a new project – which is an obstacle to traditional materials such as ceramic tiles, wood, wallpaper, or plaster.

Variety of designs, flexibility for installation in many indoor locations: With advanced surface treatment technology, AnPro offers design flexibility with a variety of patterns such as marble, etc. wood, and wallpaper, and the cost is affordable to most Vietnamese consumers.

Cost-saving and installation time: Due to the lightweight, which can be installed on the raw surface, the construction progress of AnPro architectural plastic materials can reach 60m2 / day, with no need to complete after finishing. So, homeowners can save the cost of workers.

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As for traditional materials such as ceramic tiles, which are only about 20m2 / day, it must be completed by waiting for the brick to dry.

With these outstanding advantages, architectural plastic wall panels are highly appreciated by contractors for the feasibility and long-term of the product. AnPro products is a support tool for architects in finding alternatives to expensive materials, satisfying high aesthetics, and is the optimal choice for small to large projects.

In Vietnam, there are many large projects using architectural plastic materials such as 5-star wedding convention center in Ho Chi Minh City, and houses in Muong Thanh urban area – Khanh Hoa … In the world, hi-tech architectural plastic materials become a new trend, especially in developing markets such as North America, Europe, and Asia.

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