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Are PVC wall panels good? Where to buy reputable PVC wall panels?

In recent years, PVC wall panels have become more popular in modern residential design. This type of material can be used in many different spaces such as: living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom….So are PVC wall panels good? What advantages do they have? Why are they widely used? Let’s find out in the following article:

1. What are PVC wall panels?

PVC wall panels are manufactured from primary plastic and some additives. They are used for decoration and wall cladding in the house, are the optimal alternative to traditional materials such as stone, wood, plaster…

PVC wall panels have many types, diverse designs such as: flat nano panel, corrugated board, wood grain panel, stone grain, smooth panel, … Therefore, they are very suitable for residential spaces.

2. Structure of PVC wall panels

Produced by modern technology, AnPro wall panels with components from PVC, have a 4-layer structure:

1 – High quality decorative film

2 – Based panel in new green materials of bamboo & fiber composition

3 – Sound and heat insulation

4 – Co- Extrusion edge finish

3. Reasons to choose PVC wall panels

Here are the benefits of PVC wall panels in replacing traditional materials and creating accents for interior space:

High aesthetics

With a high-quality decorative grain film, PVC panels bring a feeling of authenticity and sophistication, no different from traditional materials such as wood, stone…

Waterproof and mildew resistant

PVC panels are made from PVC and manufactured by high technology, so they can overcome many disadvantages of ordinary plastic materials. Typical is moisture resistance, mildew resistance. Therefore, this material is the ideal choice for the hot humid climate and monsoon in Vietnam and are widely used in both kitchen and bathroom spaces, where  they are exposed to a lot of water and steam.


The main component of plastic wall panels is PVC, which allows the product to maintain its color and properties. Therefore, the product is rated as highly durable, up to 20 years if used and maintained properly.

Resistance to fire spread, human health safety

With the characteristic of hollow structure, PVC wall panels have good heat and sound insulation. The product is also completely free of Formaldehyde and harmful chemicals, so they are especially safe for health and environmentally friendly.

Easy to install, easy to clean

PVC wall panels can be easily installed at a low cost because they do not require additional materials such as concrete and special tools. PVC Panels can be installed directly on existing wall surfaces, including non plastered walls.

During the construction process, PVC wall panels are installed tightly together, there are no gaps where dirt cannot stick. In addition, the product is designed with a smooth surface that is easy to clean.

4. Housing spaces can use PVC wall panels

PVC wall panels are flexible and versatile materials, suitable for installation in many different spaces in the house:

Tấm ốp AnPro được sử dụng trong không gian phòng khách
AnPro wall panels are used in the living room space
Tấm ốp AnPro ở Phòng ngủ
Tấm ốp AnPro ở Phòng bếp

5. Where to buy reputable PVC wall panels?

Currently on the market there are many units providing PVC wall panels, but choosing good quality products and beautiful designs is not easy. Instead of choosing floating products, of unknown origin and quality, customers should find large units specializing in providing and distributing genuine plastic flooring to be assured of product quality and price.

Present in the market for many years, AnPro is a unit specializing in providing high quality panels at competitive prices. Choosing AnPro’s products, customers will not have to worry about the quality of products and services.

Contact us immediately if you are in need of panels for product advice and detailed quotes!

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