Completely different from the housing space or public space, hotels and resorts have a distinct look and need to be carefully invested by investors and contractors to become a private space to help visitors enjoy life, relieve the stress and fatigue of daily life.

However, the climate in Vietnam often makes hotels and resorts fall into an “ugly” situation.

  • The luxurious wooden floor usually warps shrink even termites and fade with time.
  • Wallpaper peeling, mold in large patches.
  • Painted walls are easy to sweat in hot and humid weather, leading to moldy and peeling walls.

And one of the reasons contributing to the above situation is often due to the use of poor quality architectural furniture.


Hình ảnh không đẹp của các khách sạn khu nghỉ dưỡng khi xuất hiện tường bị bong tróc đổ mồ hôi ẩm - Architectural solutions for hotels

Unsightly condition in hotels, resorts: damp, mold, peeling walls

What is the solution for the “different” space of the hotel – the resort?

The uniqueness of the Hotel – Resort projects is created by architectural style and interior.
In addition to the successful construction of a “different space”, each architectural work needs to have solid and sustainable, ensuring safety for customers to use the service.

Even for projects that need to be renovated, the investor also prioritizes the interior materials that help with the quick construction to shorten the installation time and save the cost of the project.

Among the architectural materials that are favored by many hotels and resorts nowadays, there are AnPro wall panel, AnPro flooring that can be applied in many different design styles such as Minimalism, Modern, Rustic …

Giải pháp đến từ Tấm Ốp nội thất AnPro và Sàn SPC hèm khóa AnPro cho các công trình công cộng  600x400 - Architectural solutions for hotels
The solution comes from AnPro Wall Panels and AnPro Flooring for public construction

1. Super durable – Super strong – Multi-application

No longer colored painted walls, moldy, or warped wooden furniture in the lobby, termites, AnPro Wall Panels is the perfect architectural solution for Hotel – Resort.

PVC Wall Panels 01 600x360 - Architectural solutions for hotels
The structure of AnPro wall panel makes the product highly durable

2. “Variation” of natural luxurious space – “Transform” with lots of space

Finished walls using AnPro high-end wall panels will be a remarkable replacement for cold wood or concrete carvings, bringing an impressive and comfortable feeling to customers right away early experience.

Besides, the feature of anti-mold, anti-termite, water-proof, fire retardant, insulation … increases the ability to “transform” for the product in a variety of spaces and weather.

Ảnh 3. Không gian phòng biểu diễn của khách sàn lung linh với tấm ốp nội thất AnPro vân giấy 600x400 - Architectural solutions for hotels
The hotel’s performance room is sparkling with AnPro paper-patterned wall panels

3. Quick installation – Construction cost-saving

A product that possesses flexible features, suitable for many different spaces, will help investors save a lot of costs for transportation, installation, construction workers.

Besides, it shortens the construction and hand-over time for the project to be put into use.

In addition, the product renovation and change time is also quick, does not affect business activities much. AnPro’s high-tech interior products are also researched, designed, and manufactured to suit the environment and climate in Vietnam.

Ảnh 4. Sản phẩm Ốp và Sàn đến từ AnPro giúp chủ đầu tư tiết kiệm tối đa chi phí và thời gian thi công e1566287846961 - Architectural solutions for hotels
AnPro wall panels and flooring help investors to save maximum cost and time construction.

4. Some luxurious – modern hotel and resort space works using wall panels, flooring from AnPro


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