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How to increase the lifespan of AnPro SPC flooring?

AnPro SPC flooring is increasingly being trusted and chosen by customers for all spaces from families, restaurants, hotels, offices because of its high aesthetics, diverse designs, affordable prices, and especially durability up to 20 years.

How to the floor is always look like new which is the wishes of every homeowner.

The average use time of AnPro SPC flooring is about 15 years – 20 years, but if it is well maintained, regularly cleaned, and used carefully, the life expectancy will be more than 30 years.

To increase the life of AnPro SPC flooring, you need to note some steps in the cleaning and maintenance process as follows:

Vacuum, sweep the house every day

First, to maintain the quality of the floor and the colorfastness, you need to vacuum or sweep the flooring regularly, which helps to remove impurities such as dirt, stones, sand, and some other items.

These items can scratch the floor when we are not paying attention. We should use a vacuum or sweep the house at least once a day. Vacuum cleaners and brooms are a recommended item for proper floor cleaning.

SA15cam005b anpro 600x365 - How to increase the lifespan of AnPro SPC flooring?
Regular sweeping and vacuuming helps increase the life of AnPro SPC flooring

Use warm water to remove stains and clean the floor

If the floor has some stains such as food colorants, tea, coffee, etc., we need treating immediately.

You should use warm water to remove these stains and avoid using boiling water to clean the floor. You can use a soft cloth to apply warm water to these stains until they are clean.

Although AnPro floor is waterproof, you still should dry it when there is a water spill.

Avoid using a dangerous detergent

SPC flooring can be sensitive to a number of chemical agents. Therefore, you should avoid using harsh cleaning products or detergents because they can degrade the quality of the floor. Some chemical agents can wear down the floor surface, even if it is too strong which will reduce the life of the floorboard. As a result, you may lose the benefits of AnPro SPC flooring such as anti-scratch, anti-slip, etc.

Some other notes

Avoid installing to outdoor and areas exposed to sunlight, which discolor in long-term use.

Use carpet in front of the house to prevent dust from entering the house.

DSC05378 fx anpro 600x400 - How to increase the lifespan of AnPro SPC flooring?
Avoid sharp objects that affect the floor

Avoid sharp objects as knives falling from above or heavy like carbinets, ect., that put on for a long time, and take care placing small felt pads under them.

Do not drag and move heavy objects back and forth as they may scratch the floorboards. You should up things when moving to avoid landing on the floor.

With regular cleaning and proper use, AnPro SPC flooring will be like new and last up to 30 years. Hopefully, the tips of AnPro will help you preserve and increase the lifespan of the floor for your house.


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